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"It's not about us, it's about you." We really believe this. Everything we do is with our guests happiness in mind.
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Monday - Friday Beginning at 6:30am
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3536 Alameda de las Pulas, Suite 3, Menlo Park, CA

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Welcome to Studio Rincon!

Conveniently located in the heart of the peninsula in West Menlo Park at 3536 Alameda de las Pulgas near the Dutch Goose, Starbucks and Avanti Pizza. Since opening May 2010, Studio Rincon has developed a beautiful community over the past 9 years. We offer drop-in classes along with 5, 10, and 20 class packs as well as monthly and 6 month memberships for all levels, taught by the most experienced and passionate instructors in town. Your wellness is our focus. Each decision and schedule update is with you in mind. We offer various styles of yoga each day to suit your needs providing a well-balanced life, morning boot camps to provide a boost of cardio and weight conditioning, several adult / teen dance-fitness classes each week for a well-rounded program. (Offered for first-time new clients only - $30 two weeks unlimited).

Studio Rincon also offers youth dance ages 3-14, mid-day Monday thru Friday! Sign ups are on a Session basis, typically 10-week sessions. The first two weeks can be a “trial” class at $26/each to test out the waters, your session can be prorated from there forward to join the group. Twice yearly shows are held at Woodside High School Performing Arts Center. The show is just an hour long and the families love it!

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Our Team

We often receive feedback about what great teachers and what great people our instructors are. We are very proud to have a great team of individuals who are professional, caring and skilled at leading their classes. Their goal is to help you get the most out of your time with us at Studio Rincon.


Kathy Petrin


Kathy (E-RYT 500) was amazed by the benefits of yoga at her first class! She studied with Stephanie Snyder in San Francisco (additional teachers included w/ Steph's training: Jason Crandell & Nicolai Bachman) to receive a 500hr certification. Always a student, Kathy continues to train and currently has 990 certified hours and trains with Tiffany Cruikshank with the Yoga Medicine Community bridging the gap between western and eastern medicine. In addition to weekly classes, Kathy offers workshops, leads 200hr YA teacher trainings and has been a Studio Owner since 2010. Most of Kathy’s classes are offered warm, 82 degrees, the schedule specifies, expect energetic music, flows, aligned strong or power vinyasa, heart felt philosophy and safe assists to benefit your practice. While music may not be “traditional” yoga, all of the benefits of yoga unfold while having a fun, light-hearted time.


JD Dimalanta

Boot Camp | Zumba | Cardio Hip Hop | Youth Dance

JD Dimalanta has devoted his life as an an all around fitness and dance advocate and professional since 1997. He graduated with a diploma in Physical Education, a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and master's degree in Physical Education major in Dance. He worked as a university assistant professor for 8 years teaching Sports Philosophy and History, Sport Sociology, Fitness Dance and other human kinetics courses. JD also initiated and taught basic and advanced street dance and fitness-based physical education courses in the university. He is the founder and artistic director of the U.P. StreetDance Club, a university-based dance group that won numerous accolades and championships including the Skechers Streetdance battle for four successive years and other inter-university competitions in the Philippines. He is also one of the founders and executive board member of the country's National HipHop Federation. He is now active as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and dance teacher in the bay area.


Hana Rafferty


I practice yoga because yoga has transformed (and continues to transform) my life. Yoga has given me tools to feel more trusting, empowered, and content in my relationships, my career, and in my own body. Through yoga, I am learning that I don’t have to always live and react from a place of fear or anxiety.<br /> I teach yoga because I have the opportunity and responsibility to share this knowledge and experience with others. I want to make yogic principles applicable, accessible, and practical to daily life so we can really live the practice on and off the mat and reap the lasting benefits. I love learning, I love sharing, and I love people. I teach because I feel inspired when I am in the presence of others who also want to elevate their consciousness and better themselves. I believe that the more people who are able to learn, apply, and integrate the principles and practices of yoga into their everyday lives, the more positive change we will see in our own lives and in the world.</p> <p>In addition to teaching yoga, I am a licensed master's-level occupational therapist. I work as a wellness counselor with adults and teens with mental health disorders to help them develop skills to lead meaningful and productive lives. I have a B.S. in exercise biology and am a certified massage therapist.


Alexa Egeck


Alexa first started taking yoga as a Bay Area teenager to complement her dance training, but didn't get serious about her yoga practice until 2013 when she was living/working in Philadelphia. It was then that she discovered Baptiste Yoga and fell in love with the vitalizing combination of heat, breath and movement. She found that the physical practice of yoga empowered her and led to positive transformation not only in her body, but in her life. She felt compelled to go deeper into her practice and in August 2016 completed her teacher training at Anjali Power Yoga, a Baptiste-affiliate studio. Now a 200hr RYT, she is happy to be back in the Bay Area and doing what she loves best - teaching! Her favorite part about teaching is being of service to her students, yoga for her is foremost about community. In her classes you can expect powerful vinyasa sequences, fun music, a playful vibe, and lots of hands-on assisting.


Warren Flick


Warren started practicing yoga in 2009 while living in Hilton Head, SC. He discovered Jiva Yoga studio and immediately fell in love with the combination of heat, meditation and high-powered flow. He became an avid part of the local yoga community and decided he wanted to share his experience with others looking to live a more healthy and peaceful lifestyle.</p> <p>Warren trained under the Baptiste Power method and received his RYT 200 certification in 2012. After moving to the Bay Area in 2013, Warren taught at various yoga studios and is now excited to bring his fun, high-energy style to Studio Rincon. Warren’s classes focus on mindful breath in combination with energetic flows (set to great music!!). Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced yogi, he will offer options that allow you to grow your practice to the next level.


Lynn Marrin


Lynn Marrin, Lynn Marrin, MA, MFT, is a Certified Yoga Teacher trained in the Anusara method. Lynn is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. She started her journey into movement and the healing arts as a competitive gymnast. Lynn went on to run track during her college years. After finishing her graduate studies in Counseling Psychology, she became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in working with children and teens. After she had her twins, Lynn dedicated herself to a daily yoga practice. Lynn has helped students reduce anxiety, find joy and fall in love with their yoga practice. Her work helps students gain confidence and trust in themselves. Lynn teaches students to honor themselves as they listen deeply to the feedback and wisdom of their body. At the same time she knows that a yoga practice needs to be fun and challenging to last a lifetime. Take part in her class and let the yoga poses release tension from your muscles, your mind, even your bones so you can find relief, ease, steadiness, joy. Inspired by how worthy yoga makes her feel, Lynn offers a yoga class that will help you spend more time in your heart. Join her for a vinyasa class that emphasizes healing alignment. So whether your challenges are with parenting, work or school, come join her on the mat and re-charge, breathe in positive energy, get strong and flexible, and enjoy the community of like minded yogis.


Rebecca Snowball


Anusara Inspired Yoga - Rebecca Snowball fell in love with yoga in1996. In 2000 she completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher certification program at the White Lotus Yoga Foundation. In 2002, Rebecca was introduced to John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga, while attending the Yoga Journal Conference in Colorado. John was teaching a workshop called, 'Growing a Lotus.' By applying the 'Universal Principles of Alignment' of Anusara, Rebecca grew her lotus and sat with ease in padmasana, a pose that never seemed available. She then devoted the next several years to studying this life-affirming hatha yoga.


Stephanie Tietz

Boot Camp

Stephanie is an ACSM certified personal trainer who loves to teach strength and cardio-focused group exercise classes, so she is very excited to get to work with EmpowerFIT! She began as a gymnast, but found that powerlifting and rugby both squeezed their way into her life. In college and after college, she trained the women's rugby team at American University in the gym and on the field to improve their athletic performance. She also dragged a lot of her library coworkers to the gym with her so she could show them that everyone has an inner athlete! She's at Stanford working hard on her PhD in Electrical Engineering, but finds that dedicating time each day to fitness helps with her mental clarity and focus. In her free time, she also enjoys teaching her two cats how to do tricks and making healthy versions of her favorite comfort foods.


Sam Reidy

Youth Hip Hop | Dance

Sam Reidy AKA Zone grew up dancing in the Bay Area starting as a young kid. He is an active member of the culture and loves to cypher, compete and perform. Sam practices the styles Popping, Hip Hop and House. He loves teaching and working with kids. His main goal is to help each kid find their own voice as a dancer and artist, while having as much fun as possible. Sam believes the main goals in dance should be fun, and learning about and developing your self.