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No below for tips to get ready to join us!

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Options to start Adult/Teen Classes:
  • New Client Special
    • 2 weeks of UNLIMITED Classes for $30
    • Great Deal!! We have great classes and you won't regret it- try them all!!!
  • Not sure about the New Client Special ???
    • No can also purchase a single class visit or any of our class packs for repeat visits at a discounted price- you're gonna want to come back :) feel great, have fun- those are our goals!!!
  • Did you purchase a groupon class pack for yoga & pilates?
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    • Email us the groupon barcode number,

What Should I Bring to Class?

Great question!
  • For Any Class
    • We recommend bringing bottle of water and
      • We have filtered water you can fill up with. If you forget your water, we do have bottle water for sale- ice cold or room temperature- as well as a variety of other cold drinks for hydrating.
    • A small might sweat. It's a good thing.
    • We love the environment so we do offer stainless steel yogaRok water bottles for sale at a reasonable price. Get one and fill up over and over and over and over again...
  • Yoga
    • See "For Any Class" above
    • A mat if you have one.
      • We do have mats to rent at the studio for $3.
      • Once you practice regularly, we do suggest getting your own mat.
  • Zumba, Drench Cardio Hip Hop, Kickboxing and everything not yoga
    • See "For Any Class" above
    • Athletic sneakers
      • Just please make sure they have non-marking soles to take care of our sprung floor
      • says "The right type of shoe is key to easy-flowing movement, so you should wear good supportive shoes such as cross-trainers or dance-specific sneakers. Wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom and are meant for medial/lateral/twisting motion."
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